Nhung Walsh

Nhung Walsh Curator

Nhung Walsh is a curator and cultural producer specializing in Vietnam and Southeast Asia. She has ten years of experience in curating and consulting for museums and creative projects between the US and Asia. Walsh holds master’s degrees in International Studies from Tokyo University of Foreign Studies (2007), History from The University of Alabama (2011), and Art Administration and Policy from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (2015). She is currently a lecturer at Fulbright University Vietnam and an independent curator based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Walsh is the founder of the Nối Projects (2012-present), a pioneering initiative based in Vietnam that connects artists, historians, and scientists to develop multidisciplinary projects on Vietnam and Asian arts. She worked for UNESCO and UNV in Vietnam, before moving to the US in 2008. She was the executive director of Indochina Arts Partnership, one of the earliest non-profit organizations that support art exchanges between Vietnam and the US. She has participated in and juried many international projects, including the Hon Cau Stone Pavilion (2020), Thailand Biennale (2018), Siggraph Asia Bangkok (2017), Siggraph Asia Kobe (2015), and ongoing projects such as Vietnam Artists’ Book Project (s. 2012), Saigon Blueprint (s. 2015), and Cambium (s. 2019).

Image credits: Thai Viet