TBA21 on st_age is TBA21’s research and commissioning digital space. Based on long-term relationships of trust, it reaches out to bring a multiplicity of voices and contexts into conversation, supporting artist’s needs throughout both research and practice. 


TBA21 on st_age focuses on environmental and social contemporary artistic practices, and presents video, animation, sound, and text works, as well as projects specifically designed to be experienced online. These are accompanied by a series of contextual materials, which make both the work and the research behind it accessible to a broader audience. These materials include artist-curator conversations, editorial podcasts, research clusters, and calls to actions, as well as the backst_age series, which connects the different projects through conversations, video glossaries, and curated views. All featured works remain the property of the artists and authors.

TBA21 on st_age Team

  • Editor-in-Chief

    Francesca Thyssen-Bornemisza

  • Curatorial Assistant

    Jon Aranguren Juaristi

  • Project Manager

    Nina Šperanda

  • Editors

    Katrina Black and Orit Gat

  • Video Editor

    Ana Esteve Reig and Roberto Bosoms

  • Audio Editors

    Álvaro Chior and Roberto Bosoms

  • Sound

    Carl Michael von Hausswolff

  • Web Development and Design

    Brainz Studios

  • Graphic Design

    Jotateam Studio and Brainz Studios

  • PR

    Scott & Co., Mahala

TBA21 Team

  • TBA21 Directors

    Rosa Ferré and Markus Reymann

  • Communications Manager

    Victoria De Gracia

  • Social Media

    Pablo García Contreras