The threads offer categories that guide us through the different topics the projects explore. With them we aim to test and explore connections between the works presented, which may differ widely in their material form, but are always motivated by mutually stimulating ethics and ideas.

  • Technologies

    Artistic practices that mirror and reflect on the technological advances of our time, manifesting the potentialities, dynamics, and dangers of such advances.

  • Futurisms

    Where we envision the immediate future in order to open up new narratives and possibilities, a process of healing and world-building towards a decolonized, feminist, and emancipated tomorrow.

  • Ocean

    Ocean thinking as a research process and working method, a space for acknowledging, caring, and commoning with all bodies of water.

  • Ecologies

    Environments around the world and their ecological issues and concerns, as well as to the actions that can help to protect and heal them.

  • Identities

    We look into identities—human, non-human, queer, and Indigenous, among others—as well as to the forms of knowledges and spiritualities that build them up, to challenge preconceptions and hierarchies.

  • Social Justice

    Projects that focus on different social and human rights issues around the world, calling to actions for an ethical and democratic way of being together.