We would like to incite you to jump in. TBA21 on st_age supports and acts through local organizations and international campaigns proposed by the participating artists or partner institutions, making them as accessible as possible.

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  • Support Ocean Heroes Affected by Hawaii Wildfires!

    Support Ocean Heroes Affected by Hawaii Wildfires!

    Since 8th August, the Hawaii Island of Maui has been witnessing wildfires that are devastating the historic and cultural city of Lāhaina which was once a royal capital of Hawaii. The contagious wildfires are indirectly affected by Hurricane Dora and the drought on the island from the impacts from climate change. The death toll has reached 106, as the county begins identifying victims. We are grieving with Maui. We stand in solidarity with our Indigenous leaders.

  • Solidarity with our Indigenous Leaders | Solomon Pili Kahoʻohalahala

    Solidarity with our Indigenous Leaders | Solomon Pili Kahoʻohalahala

    Solomon Pili Kahoʻohalahala, fondly known as "Uncle Sol," is a seventh-generation native Hawaiian from the island of Lānaʻi. Uncle Sol has been a key driving force behind the Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument, working diligently to ensure its preservation for generations to come. Help Uncle Sol to rebuild his ancestral home.

  • Jamghat


    amghat is a non-profit organization of inspired young members and volunteers working with street children and other vulnerable children since 2003. Through its comprehensive care model, Jamghat aims to help children and women living and working on the streets of Delhi to realize their dreams and rejoin society by offering opportunities to make them self-sustained and more independent. Jamghat seeks to rehabilitate street children and to raise awareness within society by using the medium of street theater as well as interactive workshops, night-walks and other social means of engagements. Jamghat aims not only to provide the homeless a home, but also to equip them with the tools needed to be an able, independent and responsible member of the society they inhabit. With the aim of being more than just a charity, Jamghat hopes to instill within each person they work with, that being a good human being is just as important as being a successful one. https://jamghat.org/

  • Ankur Society for Alternatives in Education

    Ankur Society for Alternatives in Education

    For more than three decades, Ankur has been working in the field of experimental pedagogy, with children, young people, and communities in marginalized neighborhoods of Delhi. Ankur seeks to empower the marginalized, through education, to reflect on their life experiences and contexts, and to strive for a life of dignity. Ankur sees people who live on the margins in terms of their potentials, and engages with them as co-travelers and collaborators. Together with them, Ankur builds dynamic spaces for companionable learning. It facilitates diverse practices for generating and sharing of knowledge, questioning accepted practices and wisdom. Over time, Ankur has witnessed the emergence of new narratives and perspectives that hitherto would have been lost. Ankur currently works in five workers’ settlements, namely LNJP Coloy, Khichripur, Sunder Nagri, Dakshin Puri, and Savda Ghevra, through programs such as the learning collective, club, library, young women’s collective, mohalla media lab, community archives, and mehfils. It builds on the intellectual and social life of the locality. It supports people as they navigate the changes in urban landscape. Ankur strives to maintain continuums between its work and other initiatives in the educational and social arena by sharing ideas, concepts, and pedagogical strategies emerging from its practice and learning from others. It conducts capacity-building workshops in areas of child rights, education, gender, peace, and conflict resolution. Ankur collaborates with government schools, educational bodies, and institutions of higher education through classroom intervention, curriculum design, resource support, material development, teacher training, and policy deliberations. Ankur participates in networks for the rights of children, women, and the marginalized. https://ankureducation.net/

  • Warrior Moms

    Warrior Moms

    Warrior Moms is a network founded by ten mothers who came together in 2020 with a common aim of fighting for their children's right to breathe clean air. They have launched different initiatives to combat climate change and raise voices against air pollution. https://www.instagram.com/warriormoms.in/?hl=en https://linktr.ee/warriormoms.in

  • Call for a European Cultural Deal for Ukraine

    Call for a European Cultural Deal for Ukraine

    Ukraine needs European imagination and shared action. We need a European Cultural Deal for Ukraine. Art, culture, and shared cultural heritage are under threat and we need urgent emergency actions– like the extraordinary action of Museum for Ukraine, initiated by Francesca Thyssen-Bornemisza –but also actions which prepare the future of Ukraine and help to imagine how to rebuild Ukraine. We believe in the fundamental role of culture in resisting the human, humanitarian and geopolitical crisis, and in forging the Ukraine of the future. We urgently call on the EU to include Ukraine’s cultural and creative sectors in the EU’s relief package for Ukraine. We call on the EU institutions to join forces to include emergency needs from the worlds of art, culture and cultural heritage within the EU humanitarian support to Ukraine, and in Ukraine Reconstruction plans. This war is also a cultural war. It needs joint European cultural responses. European and national policy-makers, investors, creators need to ensure that arts and culture are fully part of the future Ukraine Trust Fund to facilitate public and private partnerships which respond to emergency needs and invest in the future. We need a European Cultural Deal for Ukraine. In the Eye of the Storm and Culture in Times of War - European solidarity with Ukraine 28 November, 5 – 7pm, auditorium - Museo Nacional Thyssen-Bornemisza. Simultaneous translation into Spanish provided. Please join us for a high-level symposium accompanying the exhibition In the Eye of the Storm: Modernism in Ukraine 1900-1930s at Museo Nacional Thyssen-Bornemisza Madrid. The exhibition is the most comprehensive survey of Ukrainian avant-garde art in a major European museum to date and it  will open with a video message by President Zelensky. Prior to the opening, the symposium will convene key cultural figures to discuss the role of cultural solidarity in times of crisis and beyond, and provide a critical review of Ukrainian art history during the first half of the 20th century. The symposium is co-organised with the European Cultural Foundation. Confirmed speakers are: Francesca Thyssen Bornemisza, Founder Museums for Ukraine initiative and TBA21, HRH Princess Laurentien of the Netherlands, President of the European Cultural Foundation, Konstantin Akinsha, Curator of the exhibition, Olena Kashuba-Volvach, Curator of the National Art Museum of Ukraine, Irina Drobot, Museum of Theatre, Music and Cinema of Ukraine, Olena Honcharuk, Head of Dovzhenko Center, Pina Picierno, Vice President of European Parliament, Alexander Shevchenko, Founder ReStart Ukraine, Yana Barinova, Project manager on European policies and Ukrainian relations, Erste Foundation; Former director of the Department of Culture, Kyiv state city administration, Diego Mellado, Head of Communications and Public Policy EEAS, ​​Catherine Magnant, Deputy Director, Head of Unit for Cultural Policy, Directorate-General for Education, Youth, Sport and Culture, European Commission, Isabelle Schwarz, Head of Public Policy European Cultural Foundation.

  • Alianza Mar Menor AMARME

    Alianza Mar Menor AMARME

    The association Alianza Mar Menor AMARME is born out for the defense of the Mar Menor and its basin. All participants are part of the citizen movement which has achieved more than 600,000 signatures for the approval in the Spanish Parliament of the Popular Legislative Initiative (Iniciativa Legislativa Popular) for the Recognition of the Mar Menor Lagoon and its Basin as a Legal Personality. This has already become the 19/2022 Law (from September 30th, 2022), published in the Spanish Official State Gazette (BOE) on October 3rd, 2022. This unique place, the Mar Menor, Europe’s largest salty lagoon, has moved from being a mere object of protection, recuperation, and development, to a recognised subject which is inseparably biological, environmental, cultural, and spiritual. This marks a major milestone—as the Mar Menor is now the first ecosystem in Europe which is recognized as a subject in its own right. This citizen movement has passed on to a large part of citizens all over Spain, and now aims to keep defending the environment, the biodiversity, and the rights which have been obtained for the Mar Menor, through the Alianza Mar Menor AMARME. Please go to the link if you want to associate with Alianza Mar Menor AMARME (https://sosmarmenor.org/asociate-al-mar-menor/)

  • Live to Love

    Live to Love

    “Live to Love is a support network for Indigenous Himalayan communities on the journey to build resilience. Our mission is to develop and build socially responsible infrastructure that preserves root values. This includes education and entrepreneurship, humanitarian relief, and heritage preservation projects.” Live to Love “The Third Pole supports Live to Love and the Kung Fu Nuns, a secular NGO that aims to protect Indigenous communities from rural inequality and environmental imbalances in the Himalayas. Donate at www.livetolove.org.” Himali Singh Soin

  • ‘Speak Up for Antarctica Now. Three Antarctic Resolutions.’

    ‘Speak Up for Antarctica Now. Three Antarctic Resolutions.’

    Antarctica—a Global Common that accounts for 10% of the landmass, 70% of the freshwater, and 90% of the ice of planet Earth—is at once the largest repository of data on our climate history and the greatest menace to all our coastal settlements. The threat that Antarctic ice thinning poses to our own lives is real. Suffice to say, the kilometers-thick ice sheet is melting at the accelerated pace of 200 Olympian swimming pools per minute and a total Antarctic meltdown would increase the global sea level by 60 meters, launching the largest migration ever witnessed by humanity. We collectively need to acknowledge that “What happens in Antarctica does not stay in Antarctica” and that we have a duty to speak up for a continent that has no indigenous people. The governance of Antarctica relies on the Antarctic Treaty System (ATS) with 54 signatories, 29 of which (representing 15% of the world’s countries) have a Consultative Party status. That status grants them the right to vote binding measures and resolutions pertaining to Antarctic matters. The parties meet once a year at the Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting (ATCM) to decide the fate of a continent that is 1.4 times the size of Europe. Both ATCMs and rulings remain mostly unreported by the media with minimum pressure for accountability imposed on the national delegates. We want to change that. Advocating for intergenerational justice, on the occasion of this year’s ATCM held in Berlin between May 23 and June 2, 2022, we invite you to ‘Speak Up For Antarctica Now’ and call for Antarctic Resolutions to protect Antarctica from threats such as hydrocarbon extraction, biodiversity loss, and sovereignty disputes. To join the movement you can: Sign the Petitions To ban hydrocarbon extraction in Antarctica permanently. To protect 3.8 million sq Km of Antarctic waters. To commit to international stations in Antarctica. Join the Rally in Berlin at the Brandenburg Gate on May 27 at 12pm The Rally is organized by The Antarctic and Southern Ocean Coalition, AWI's for Future, Deutsche Umwelthilfe, Fridays for Future, Greenpeace Germany, Pew Bertarelli Ocean Legacy, Scientists for Future, and UNLESS. Project by UNLESS | Campaign concept and wording: UNLESS with Carlo Barbante, James N. Barnes and Alan D. Hemmings | Campaign design: UNLESS with Studio Vedet and Hauhaug | Partner: Only One 

  • Online Benefit for Ukraine’s People & Culture

    Online Benefit for Ukraine’s People & Culture

    “Please join us in making a difference for Ukraine. Even in the darkest hours, art and culture shine a light and remind us what it is to be human.” Francesca Thyssen-Bornemisza – Ukrainian and international artists have united in donating artworks to be auctioned in the  ‘Benefit for Ukraine’s People & Culture’, with the proceeds going directly to several Ukrainian aid and crisis organisations, as well as to benefit Museums for Ukraine. Museums for Ukraine is an initiative founded by Konstantin Akinsha, Caroline Christoph-Bakargiev, Björn Geldhof, Masha Isserlis, Peter Weible and TBA21 chairwoman Francesca Thyssen Bornemisza,  who have galvanised a worldwide coalition of museum directors, curators and philanthropists who wish to support and share a multitude of programs and exhibitions, that recognise the value and importance of Ukrainian cultural heritage and contemporary expression. Museums for Ukraine supports the presentation of Ukrainian art exhibitions across Europe and beyond, in order to truly recognise the value and uniqueness of its art and culture. Contemporary artists are supported in fulfilling their projects and have wider recognition worldwide while a strong educational program is sharing and building knowledge of Ukraine’s rich and diverse cultural heritage.  A  live auction was held last week as part of a benefit held during the Venice Biennale in partnership with Mikolaj Sekutowicz (Therme Art Program and Ikona Collection), Peter Brant Jr. (The Brant Foundation), and hosted by Simon de Pury. The 14 lots generously donated by artists and their galleries raised more than €1.2 million ($1.3 million). An additional 44 works have since been donated and are now available for bidding in a timed online auction, which will run through to May 8, 2022 at 6pm CEST. By adding your bid you are supporting our urgent cause.  The auction also features some pieces from frequent TBA21 collaborators Ernesto Neto, Mario García Torres, Ragnar Kjartansson, Janet Cardiff & George Bures Miller, Teresa Solar (who is auctioning the piece currently on view at our exhibition at the @c3a_andalucia, “Abundant Futures”), and TBA21–Academy collaborators Carl Michael Von Hausswolff and Superflex.  – Recipient organisations include: Maria Prymachenko Family Foundation Appeal of Conscience Foundation Museums for Ukraine 100% Life Museum Crisis Centre Ukrainian Emergency Art Fund Ukrainian Emergency Pavilion

  • Hunga Tonga – Call to Action

    Hunga Tonga – Call to Action

    Following the disastrous eruption of the underwater volcano Hunga Tonga-Hunga Haʻapai in the Kingdom of Tonga last weekend, the full extent of the disaster is only beginning to surface now, and the risk of further eruptions remains. Scientists estimated the eruption exerted a force equivalent to 1’000 Hiroshima nuclear bombs that was heard more than 750km away in Fiji to be the largest worldwide over the last 30 years. A thick layer of ash remains across Tonga, poisoning drinking water supplies and killing crops, whilst the world's highest concentration of toxic sulfur dioxide gas currently measured over the Pacific Ocean looms. Unusual currents, acid rain, and volcanic smog are feared to add short-term hazards to the neighboring islands after a tsunami has swept away homes on what is considered one of the lowest-lying groups of islands in the Pacific. The main undersea communications cable has also been damaged, which has led to a lack of power and communication throughout the islands which is hindering aid and support. We are following what is happening with deep concern as communication has been lost with the scattered low-lying islands, since the communication cable was damaged in the blast. Please join us in reaching out helping hands and much-needed funds by supporting the fundraiser of Pita Taufatofua, the Tongan Olympic Flag Bearer, for recovery efforts in the island kingdom. Or you can donate to the International Red Cross, who organize humanitarian disaster relief, care, and aid in situ with the Tongan Red Cross chapter. It was through a huge volcanic eruption more than a decade ago that Hunga Tonga emerged from the depths of the Ocean. TBA21–Academy visited the island in 2018 on a voyage led by the Danish artist group SUPERFLEX with Dr. Dayne Buddo (Director of External Engagement at the Georgia Aquarium, former CEO of Alligator Head Foundation), Ricardo Gomes (Urban Sea Institute), Dr. Barbara Imhof (LIQUIFER Systems Group), Dr. Alex Jordan (Max Planck Institute), Jun Kamei (Amphibio Ltd), Maureen Penjueli (Pacific Network on Globalisation), Markus Reymann (TBA21–Academy), and Francesca Thyssen-Bornemisza (TBA21). The lunar landscape, a porous interface between land and sea, shaped our sensations while human and non-human encounters influenced our thinking and broadened our sensual register. SUPERFLEX's voyage aboard the research vessel Dardanella contributed to a larger research project, "Deep Sea Minding," commissioned by TBA21–Academy under the program The Current. In the upcoming days, we are sharing SUPERFLEX's film "Hunga Tonga," as well as an extensive amount of footage and research collected through the program that is made available online as open-source material via TBA21 on st_age and TBA21–Academy's Ocean-Archive.org. "The Tongan people are some of the kindest and warmest people in the world and are already struggling with the effects of climate change. What concerns me immensely apart from the loss of so many homes and livelihoods, Tonga is also home to one of the world's most important calving and mating grounds for the Humpback whales, which is the main source for their tourist economy. What we need now is aid as well as scientific evaluation of the fertile ocean that surrounds this wonderful country. TBA21 is pulling together all the research, resources, and contacts to come up with an efficient aid package to support the Tongan people." Francesca Thyssen-Bornemisza, Chair of TBA21. Please care, share, support, and help to regenerate. Thank you!

  • Sanidad Rural digna y de calidad ¡YA! (‘Decent and quality rural health care NOW!’)

    Sanidad Rural digna y de calidad ¡YA! (‘Decent and quality rural health care NOW!’)

    Call to Action for a Quality Rural Health Service in Castile & León In recent years, the National Health System in the rural areas of Castile & León has been progressively dismantled. In view of this, we are making a call to halt the removal of basic health services. In November 2019, the Department of Health of the regional government (Junta) of Castile & León (Spain) approved the New Model of Health Care in Rural Areas. In this restructuring plan for health services, it is clearly stated that the objective is “to transform the organizational dynamics and clinical model of Primary Health Care in the rural areas of Castile & León”. In short, this model aims at centralizing material and professional resources, eliminating regular consultations at local clinics in small villages. This means that thousands of small villages that currently have weekly consultations with a doctor and nurse will be left without them, and thousands of local clinics will therefore be completely DISMANTLED. At the same time, two new types of institutions will be created: the Rural Grouping Clinic, with daily consultations, and the Proximity Clinic (in towns with larger populations), where medical consultations are by appointment only. It should be stressed that the driving time from any locality to the nearest Rural Grouping Clinic would be at least “30 minutes”. If we add that the rural population is generally older than the population of urban areas, and that it has no local public transport or other means of moving from place to place, getting to a general practitioner for a consultation becomes a truly dramatic affair. Finally, one aspect of the restructuring proposed by this model is the introduction of a system of prior appointments with telephone screening, or medical consultation by telephone to assess a patient’s condition. These options are not valid for most of the elderly population, and we request their withdrawal. The platform for rural health care therefore calls for the following: The repeal of this model and any other that upholds the same principles. To ensure unconditionally and on a national scale that local rural clinics remain open, guaranteeing the presence of doctors and nurses at least once a week in every clinic, regardless of the local population. Immediately fill the posts of health care professionals assigned to each Basic Health Zone, guaranteeing that services are covered during holidays, leaves, shift work burnouts, etc., and scale human resources in accordance with the demographic and territorial needs of each region. To improve the range of services provided by all clinics and supply them with the necessary and sufficient human and material resources. To equip rural areas with a 24-hour ambulance service and a paediatrics service for children under 14. To improve working conditions for health personnel in order to attract them to the rural areas and the so-called ‘Empty Spain’, especially to towns where coverage is difficult. To eliminate telephone screening, which is a barrier to Primary Health Care. Tele-medicine is not a quality health care option, and should be restricted to the exchange of data between professionals. With this call, we are saying: STOP the dismantling of the Rural Health Service, STOP the growing insecurity of life in the countryside, STOP (forced) depopulation, STOP the lack of services. Health is a right, and if the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it is that work in the countryside is essential for the nation’s food supply. In other words, the rural environment is a source of food and sustenance of life. To maintain rural life, we need a rural health service of respectable quality. Support this initiative on behalf of rural health care! Show your support by signing our manifesto on Change.org change.org/ruralhealth change.org/sanidadrural www.sanidadrural.es

  • Alligator Head Foundation

    Alligator Head Foundation

    The corals are in trouble. Up to 40% of the world's reefs might already be gone, leaving a devastating effect on marine biodiversity. To help them, we need to think differently: by promoting creative, responsible, and respectful engagement with the ocean - especially if that means helping some coral find housing on the way! The artist Claudia Comte has partnered up with Alligator Head Foundation (a Jamaican-based project focusing on science, art, and community) as part of her artist residency with TBA21–Academy, installing three sculptures on the Jamaican seabed. The sculptures function both as a hospitable planting surface for young corals and an attraction for divers, encouraged to engage with the natural habitat in a non-invasive and imaginative way. The Alligator Head Foundation needs your support to extend this into Jamaica's very first underwater sculpture park. Your contribution will support sculpture production and installation and the nursing and planting of the corals.

  • PeaceTrees Vietnam

    PeaceTrees Vietnam

    PeaceTrees Vietnam is a humanitarian demining organization dedicated to peacebuilding and addressing the legacy of war in Vietnam. Since their founding in 1995, PeaceTrees has removed more than 110,000 items of explosive ordnance, cleared over 3,000 acres of land, built 19 kindergartens, and supported 2,776 students on their academic journeys. Working alongside communities in central Vietnam, PeaceTrees returns land to productive use by investing in risk education, community building, agriculture, and economic development projects. There is still much work to be done, and they hope to be supported in their determined journey to clear Vietnam of explosive ordnance so that the communities we support can pursue every opportunity they desire and deserve on safely cleared land. To learn more about their work, visit their website: www.peacetreesvietnam.org

  • APIB (Articulation of Indigenous Peoples of Brazil)

    APIB (Articulation of Indigenous Peoples of Brazil)

    Indigenous peoples have been fighting for more than 500 years for the right to live. APIB (Articulation of Indigenous Peoples of Brazil) is part of this history of resistance. It is the widest grouping of indigenous peoples in Brazil: a network of organizations with representation in all regions of the country. APIB is united by the strength of its ancestors to protect the lives of peoples and territories under attack. Know about and be part of this fight! Strengthen the rights of indigenous peoples! We are all APIB and APIB is all of us! APIB was created by the indigenous movement at Camp Terra Livre (ATL) in 2005. ATL is a national mobilization, held every year since 2004, in order to increase awareness about the situation of indigenous rights. APIB was created from the bottom up. It was born with the purpose of strengthening the unity of Brazilian indigenous peoples, and the communication between different indigenous regions and organizations, in addition to mobilizing indigenous peoples against threats and aggression against their rights.

  • Inaash


    ​Inaash is an organisation dedicated to improving the lives of women in the Palestinian refugee camps of Lebanon. With over 450,000 Palestinian refugees currently living across 12 camps in Lebanon, Inaash has provided opportunities for thousands of women to earn income and provide financial support for their families. Conditions for the communities living in refugee camps in Lebanon are notoriously difficult. Employment opportunities are limited and the level of unemployment is extremely high for men. At the same time, traditionally it is not usual for their women to seek employment outside their immediate surroundings. Living on aid and handouts is neither sufficient for needs nor conducive to psychological wellbeing. It was these social problems that led Huguette Bechara El Khoury (daughter of Lebanon’s first President) to establish Inaash as a way of creating employment and providing an income for refugee women confined to the camps. The one transferable skill the women brought with them to Lebanon was traditional embroidery. Embroidery is the living heritage of Palestine, transferred from mother to daughter through the ages. Inaash’s vision is to conserve it, promote its beauty and keep it relevant in today’s world on behalf of those who produce it. Throughout the last five decades Inaash has worked to both preserve this culture and harness it as a means of livelihood for its practitioners in some five camps located across Lebanon. Since its inception, over 2,000 women have benefited from the production of Inaash products, both in monetary terms and through a sense of community and continuity. Successive generations have passed on the skill from mother to daughter. As a Palestinian immigrant and as an artist whose practice is dedicated to the revival and preservation of historical crafts from the region, Dana Awartani wholeheartedly supports the work of Inaash and its sensitivity to the ongoing political, economic, and humanitarian crisis in Lebanon. Donations will support the local refugee communities who are most severely affected by these difficult times.

  • MODATIMA (Movement for the Defence of Water, Protection of the Earth and Respect for the Environment)

    MODATIMA (Movement for the Defence of Water, Protection of the Earth and Respect for the Environment)

    MODATIMA (Movement for the Defense of Water, Protection of the Earth and Respect for the Environment) is an anti-patriarchal organization founded in 2010 in the province of Petorca in the central Chilean region of Valparaíso. Its goal is to defend the rights of farm laborers, workers, and inhabitants of the area who have been affected since the 1990s by the theft and hoarding of water by large-scale agricultural corporations in collusion with politicians. It demands “justice in rivers” against the theft of water and the abuse by the powerful who are currently protected by constitutional warranties and by a legal system that maintains Chile’s water resources in private hands. Throughout the years, the main goal of MODATIMA’s fight has been to denounce abuses and raise awareness about the fight for water in the province of Petorca and Chile as a whole. Since taking part at the Alternative World Water Forum held in Brasilia, in March 2018, MODATIMA is also a member of Red Vida, a network of organizations from all over the Americas that fights for the recovery of waters and the defense of territories. http://modatima.cl/donaciones

  • Uttarakhand Seva Nidhi Paryavaran Shiksha Sansthan (USNPSS)

    Uttarakhand Seva Nidhi Paryavaran Shiksha Sansthan (USNPSS)

    USNPSS’s founders are deeply respected members of the Kumaoni community, and they truly ask radical questions about labour equality, environmental justice, and gender norms. Our forthcoming body of work is located in the Himalayas and we felt it necessary and important to illuminate the issues that concern it. It is our hope that while the work itself cannot always change things directly, its messages can help channel positive energies towards this magical and endangered place.

  • world.350.org | Stand with Filipino Environmental Defenders against the Terror Law!

    world.350.org | Stand with Filipino Environmental Defenders against the Terror Law!

    Since 2016, when Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte came into power, more than 150 environmental defenders have been killed with impunity. This makes the Philippines one of the deadliest countries for activists opposing illegal logging, destructive mining, or corrupt agribusiness. The Anti-Terrorism Act of 2020 further imperils their safety as it grants even more surveillance and detention powers to government forces, by tagging defenders as terrorists. Sign this petition to demand the repeal of the Terror Law.