We would like to incite you to jump in. st_age supports and acts through local organizations and international campaigns proposed by the participating artists or partner institutions, making them as accessible as possible.

We have evaluated and vetted each of them, however they are all independently regulated by their own governing boards and legislation.

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  • APIB (Articulation of Indigenous Peoples of Brazil)

    APIB (Articulation of Indigenous Peoples of Brazil)

    Indigenous peoples have been fighting for more than 500 years for the right to live. APIB (Articulation of Indigenous Peoples of Brazil) is part of this history of resistance. It is the widest grouping of indigenous peoples in Brazil: a network of organizations with representation in all regions of the country. APIB is united by the strength of its ancestors to protect the lives of peoples and territories under attack. Know about and be part of this fight! Strengthen the rights of indigenous peoples! We are all APIB and APIB is all of us! APIB was created by the indigenous movement at Camp Terra Livre (ATL) in 2005. ATL is a national mobilization, held every year since 2004, in order to increase awareness about the situation of indigenous rights. APIB was created from the bottom up. It was born with the purpose of strengthening the unity of Brazilian indigenous peoples, and the communication between different indigenous regions and organizations, in addition to mobilizing indigenous peoples against threats and aggression against their rights.

  • Inaash


    ​Inaash is an organisation dedicated to improving the lives of women in the Palestinian refugee camps of Lebanon. With over 450,000 Palestinian refugees currently living across 12 camps in Lebanon, Inaash has provided opportunities for thousands of women to earn income and provide financial support for their families. Conditions for the communities living in refugee camps in Lebanon are notoriously difficult. Employment opportunities are limited and the level of unemployment is extremely high for men. At the same time, traditionally it is not usual for their women to seek employment outside their immediate surroundings. Living on aid and handouts is neither sufficient for needs nor conducive to psychological wellbeing. It was these social problems that led Huguette Bechara El Khoury (daughter of Lebanon’s first President) to establish Inaash as a way of creating employment and providing an income for refugee women confined to the camps. The one transferable skill the women brought with them to Lebanon was traditional embroidery. Embroidery is the living heritage of Palestine, transferred from mother to daughter through the ages. Inaash’s vision is to conserve it, promote its beauty and keep it relevant in today’s world on behalf of those who produce it. Throughout the last five decades Inaash has worked to both preserve this culture and harness it as a means of livelihood for its practitioners in some five camps located across Lebanon. Since its inception, over 2,000 women have benefited from the production of Inaash products, both in monetary terms and through a sense of community and continuity. Successive generations have passed on the skill from mother to daughter. As a Palestinian immigrant and as an artist whose practice is dedicated to the revival and preservation of historical crafts from the region, Dana Awartani wholeheartedly supports the work of Inaash and its sensitivity to the ongoing political, economic, and humanitarian crisis in Lebanon. Donations will support the local refugee communities who are most severely affected by these difficult times.

  • MODATIMA (Movement for the Defence of Water, Protection of the Earth and Respect for the Environment)

    MODATIMA (Movement for the Defence of Water, Protection of the Earth and Respect for the Environment)

    MODATIMA (Movement for the Defence of Water, Protection of the Earth and Respect for the Environment) is an anti-patriarchal organization founded in 2010 in the province of Petorca in the central Chilean region of Valparaíso. Its goal is to defend the rights of farm labourers, workers and inhabitants of the area who have been affected since the 1990s by the theft and hoarding of water by large-scale agricultural corporations in collusion with politicians. It demands "justice in rivers” against the theft of water and the abuse by the powerful who are currently protected by constitutional warranties and by a legal system that maintains Chile’s water resources in private hands. Throughout these years the main goal of MODATIMA’s fight has been to denounce abuses and raise awareness about the fight for water in the province of Petorca and Chile as a whole. Since taking part at the Alternative World Water Forum held in Brasilia in March 2018, we are also members of Red Vida, a network of organizations from all over America that fights for the recovery of waters and the defence of territories. Mujeres Modatima is the section in charge of organizing and coordinating the female members of the movement in each of the territories where we have a presence. Its work focuses on fostering the construction of a set of principles for their struggle, which foregrounds the gaze of women and their way of understanding socio-environmental conflicts, the recovery of water for territories, the plundering of common goods and the impact all this has on the everyday lives of communities, as well as underscoring the importance of wellbeing.

  • Uttarakhand Seva Nidhi Paryavaran Shiksha Sansthan (USNPSS)

    Uttarakhand Seva Nidhi Paryavaran Shiksha Sansthan (USNPSS)

    USNPSS’s founders are deeply respected members of the Kumaoni community, and they truly ask radical questions about labour equality, environmental justice, and gender norms. Our forthcoming body of work is located in the Himalayas and we felt it necessary and important to illuminate the issues that concern it. It is our hope that while the work itself cannot always change things directly, its messages can help channel positive energies towards this magical and endangered place.

  • world.350.org | Stand with Filipino Environmental Defenders against the Terror Law!

    world.350.org | Stand with Filipino Environmental Defenders against the Terror Law!

    Since 2016, when Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte came into power, more than 150 environmental defenders have been killed with impunity. This makes the Philippines one of the deadliest countries for activists opposing illegal logging, destructive mining, or corrupt agribusiness. The Anti-Terrorism Act of 2020 further imperils their safety as it grants even more surveillance and detention powers to government forces, by tagging defenders as terrorists. Sign this petition to demand the repeal of the Terror Law.