• st_age season 02 is coming soon. In the meantime, you can explore our previous episodes by scrolling down or clicking on the menu tab.
    • st_age season 02 is coming soon. In the meantime, you can explore our previous episodes by scrolling down or clicking on the menu tab.
  • Who Are We? Identity and Difference, Communality and Separation

    This topic addresses projects that explore and express the creation and composition of social initiatives and worlds that imagine diverse forms of communality—remarkable ways of coexistence under contested and often violent conditions.

  • Staging Resistances. Politics of Speech and Silence

    This topic seeks to address the act of speaking out as a specific form of advocacy, and the nature of the voice as a tool against repression. On the other hand, what power can the withdrawal of words have? What is the difference between political speech and speaking politically?

  • Displaced Histories and Deviant Practices

    What does it take to live and act in the world “otherwise”? This topic relates to how contemporary art has become, in many instances, a field for alternatives and proposals, for divergent models, both inside and outside of the institution.

  • The Undisciplined Form

    These projects live in multiple crossroads and intersections. At the same time they connect with the sensibilities and methods undertaken by artists who see themselves as researchers, who bear witness to the troubled ecologies of life, and who deploy new ways to register and encounter the world around us.

  • Thinking From and Within the Oceans

    This topic challenges the obsolete dualities of humanity and nature, of earth and mind, of technology and culture, to acknowledge the vast changes and disruptions taking place in the planet’s oceans.

  • Shifting all Baselines: The Planet in Transformation

    This topic explores alternative forms of research into ecological and ecopolitical issues concerning air, water, and land. Here artistic practices seek to unravel the multiple meanings and intertwined definitions of nature and ecology while aiming to create more-than-human communities of care.

  • Spaces of Unexpected Learning: Counter Strategies of World Making

    Certain kinds of knowledge perpetuate imperial hierarchies, violent and colonial systems of power. This topic explores other ways of being and learning of listening and unlearning.The exercise of social freedom opens a debate on what counts as knowledge and the ways in which it can be accessed, guarded, and passed on.

  • Trailblazing into the Unknown

    An investigation into the burial of raw words and sounds, so that the great silence within can finally be deciphered. A practice of intuitive conversation with our destination toward healing.