‘The Hanging Testicles and the She-Spirit of Water,’ 2020 Patricia Domínguez

This video is part of La balada de las sirenas secas (The Ballad of the Dry Mermaids) (2020) a video-installation through which Domínguez speaks about the privatization of water in Chile, and how fresh water has been diverted to irrigate large-scale corporate avocado plantations in the Petorca region. Since the 1990s, Chile has been plagued by the appropriation of water by the agriculture industry in collusion with politicians. Many people do not have clean water for drinking and basic sanitation, a situation made even more troublesome with the spread of Covid-19.


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Trailblazing into the Unknown
Produced by:
Curated by:
18/10 2020
Fragment from La balada de las sirenas secas (The Ballad of the Dry Mermaids), video 4K, 31:57 min, audio, colour, loop, 2020, commissioned by st_age, TBA 21 | Camera and cinematography: Emilia Martín
Assistant camera and sound recording: Ce Pams
Music: Futuro Fósil
3D animation: Álvaro Muñoz
Cast and dialogue: Las Viudas del Agua
Cantor a lo divino: Juan López
Drone recordings: Cárol Pastenes & Jorge Pérez
LED costume: Alejando Abos-Padilla
Aguagramas costume design: Patricia Claro
Sound and video editing: Patricia Domínguez
Filmed in:
Petroglifos El Pedernal, Palquico, La Ligua, Plantaciones de aguacates El Carmen, (Province of Petorca, Chile).

Las Viudas del Agua
MODATIMA (Movimiento de defensa del agua, la tierra y la protección del medio ambiente).
MUCAM (Museo Campesino en Movimiento)
Códice Maya Tro Cortesiano, Museo las Américas
  • No poverty
  • Clean water and sanitation
  • Reduced inequalities
  • Life on land
  • Peace, justice and strong institutions