‘The Day that Wood and Matter Wanted to Become Salt Water,’ 2021 Claudia Comte

The practice of imitation is an ancient one. If you move like a wave you may become one, if you pose like a coral, you may become one, if you act like a fish you may become one… Mimesis is the language of becoming and the space for alterity. When else could you understand best what it is to be or not to be the Ocean then the very moment you act like it? Claudia Comte’s performance is both mimicking her own sculptural practice and the depictions of marine animals inhabiting the exhibition. The movements created by Comte and Cecilia Bengolea, dancer and artist, absorb the forms of life of the waters to render them even more present and to influence our bodies so that we may as well follow her in this exercise. Additionally, Comte’s recreation of the reef will be activated by an original score of Egon Elliut. All three are there to interpret for us the movements of the Ocean, to situate us in a dynamic relation with the corals, the light, the senses of the animals and plants that constitute the universe of this work at the Museo Nacional Thyssen-Bornemisza. The recording took place on July 5 within Claudia Comte’s “After Nature” exhibition at the Museo Nacional Thyssen-Bornemisza in Madrid and, we are really pleased to present a special cut done by Comte for st_age.

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19/08 2021
Claudia Comte
The Day that Wood and Matter Wanted to Become Salt Water, 2021, a video by Claudia Comte, performance and choreography in collaboration with Cecilia Bengolea and music by Egon Elliut, recorded at Museo Nacional Thyssen Bornemisza Madrid
Single-channel, video, sound
5 min 10 sec
Concept Claudia Comte | Directed and edited by Sander Houtkruijer |Cinematography Raúl Manchado | 1AC Álvaro Rodríguez | 2AC Alejandro Carelli | Steadicam assistant Marc Oliver Maldonado | Color grading Delfina Mayer
Filmed on the occasion of the exhibition Claudia Comte: After Nature at the Museo Nacional Thyssen Bornemisza Madrid, July 2021
Commissioned and produced by Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary (TBA21)
  • Life below water