‘Speak Up for Antarctica Now. Three Antarctic Resolutions’ UNLESS

“We travelled for Science […] in order that the world may have a little more knowledge, that it may build on what it knows instead of on what it thinks.” Apsley Cherry-Garrard, 1922

Despite all the efforts to build “more knowledge” from the Antarctic, our seventh continent remains mostly neglected by society as a whole. Yet our collective ignorance on the subject is inversely proportional to the importance of the Antarctic in the global ecosystem. With the ambition to shed light on a continent that lies in the dark six months per year, the following Research Cluster is articulated in three sections.
Part 1. Antarctic Resolution
On the occasion of the bicentenary of the first recorded human landing on Antarctica, UNLESS presented Antarctic Resolution, a 1000-page volume edited by Giulia Foscari / UNLESS, authored by 150 leading world Antarctic experts, and published by Lars Müller Publishers. This encyclopedic publication—since honored with the DAM Architectural Book Award and the MGIP Book Award—presents a rigorous academic research alongside an unprecedented visual compendium including photographic essays, data-driven infographics, cartographies, and architectural drawings. The publication represents to date the reference text on the Antarctic. Should you wish, you can acquire a copy here; please note that all 100% of the royalties proceeds will be reinvested in Antarctic campaigns by UNLESS.
Part 2. Comprehensive Bibliography of Antarctic Resolution
In collaboration with the authors of Antarctic Resolution, UNLESS constructed a comprehensive bibliography on the Antarctic. Such bibliography, featured in the above-mentioned publication, can be downloaded here.
Part 3. Selected Articles
Critical articles constantly fuel UNLESS’s research and its pursuit in advocating for Antarctic Resolutions. Addressing issues ranging from the political tensions surrounding the extraction of Antarctic resources and the strategic positioning of nationally owned research stations, to the man-induced threats posed to Antarctica’s (presently) unbalanced ecosystem, the selection of articles listed below and available for download here, reveals the urgency of protecting the Antarctic for future generations.

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26/05 2022
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