Podcast Spotlight Challenging Narratives Through Listening

Now that the end of the year is approaching and you may have a little extra time, we would like to invite you to listen to some of this season’s podcasts. 

Throughout 2022, we discussed with anthropologists Anna Lowenhaupt Tsing and Heather Anne Swanson how colonial infrastructures are part and parcel of Anthropocene ecologies, featuring a special focus on oceanic and coastal contexts. We have also attended to “Minor” Ornithologies in a podcast conducted by curator Max Andrews, where we took flight into the realm of birds, by looking into logics of categorisation that are further re-examined and questioned in The Dose that Makes the Poison, a podcast hosted by writer Jessica Saxby, where we trace histories of appropriation of knowledge and resources in the world of botany. The Stories We Tell, presented by curator Kathleen Ditzig, examines the uncomfortable political Cold War past in Southeast Asia, touching on the necessity of criticality reviewing national narratives. 

Opening up to podcasts in Spanish—English translations of the transcripts are available—to approach the Latin American context, different means towards challenging coloniality in both its ecological and cultural dimensions are explored, from the resistance against extractivism and the defense of access to water expressed in civil and indigenous movements in the Chilean context—in a podcast conducted by sociologist and activist Ximena Cuadra Montoya—to the role of the Ocean in the decolonial process in Puerto Rico, which understands the Caribbean Sea as a communication channel rather than an obstacle —hosted by curator María Montero Sierra; or the podcast presented by the activist and researcher Aura Cumes, which reflects on the history of the Mayan Ch’olti’ community in present day Guatemala, as well as the violent colonial process to which this people were subjected and the fierce resistance with which they challenged it.

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22/12 2022
Cover image: Sim Chi Yin
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