Podcast | ‘Geometría del centro’ (Geometry of the Centre): The Travels of the Artist Christian Salablanca Between Costa Rica and Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta Christian Salablanca Díaz

The recent residency of the Costa Rican artist Christian Salablanca in Colombia took him on a journey by foot to one of the sacred places for the country’s indigenous cultures: Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, a pyramidal mountain on the Caribbean coast which is topped by the ruins of the ancient Terruna, known today as Ciudad Perdida, or the lost city. In this podcast, Salablanca speaks about his humble origins in Heredia, Costa Rica; his engagement with the visual arts through a reflection on violence and the body; his travels throughout Latin America in recent years; and also his trip to Terruna which inspired his new work Geometría del centro (Geometry of the Centre). With the participation of the curators Tamara Díaz and César Vargas, the director of FLORA ars+natura, José Roca, and the indigenous politologist Iaku Sigindoy.

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Displaced Histories and Deviant Practices
29/10 2020
Christian Salablanca Díaz
Conducted by:
Camilo Jiménez Santofimio
  • Life below water
  • Life on land
  • Peace, justice and strong institutions