‘Monodia fiera del subsuelo’ (Fierce Monody from the Subsoil), 2021 Regina de Miguel

‘Monodia fiera del subsuelo’ (Fierce Monody from the Subsoil) is an experimental sound piece that departs from a poem written by Regina de Miguel, which links two apparently opposing territories: Deception Island in Antarctica and Rio Tinto in Spain. 

Both places contain extremophile microscopic life, which was inconceivable until recently. The island, a submerged volcano of unique characteristics and unpredictable nature, and the mythical acidic waters river, in addition to being analogous to Mars on our planet, are both witnesses to a series of extremely violent events: the intensive slaughter of whales until 1930 and the brutal repression of the mining, ecological, and farming movement of the Año de los tiros (Year of the Shootings) in 1888. Both challenge us about the problems and limits of life itself.  

Through a reinterpretation of a fandango, a traditional style of flamenco from Huelva (Spain), and with the collaboration of Adrián de Alfonso, Víctor Herrero, and Rocío Guzmán, Fierce Monody features a voice moving between epochs and transiting through the memories of the subsoil. This song is an offering, a profane ex-voto that appeals to the dissolution of the frontiers between the living and the inanimate from a place of urgency and interdependence.

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Produced by:
15/11 2021
Created by Regina de Miguel
Monodia fiera del subsuelo (Fierce Monody from the Subsoil), 2021
10 min 30 sec
Guitarist Victor Herrero | Producer Adrián de Alfonso | Singer Rocío Guzmán
Commissioned by Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary (TBA21) for st_age

  • Life on land
  • Peace, justice and strong institutions