‘ma’ ma’ αίμα’ Niño de Elche

This research cluster contextualizes Niño de Elche’s performance work by looking into the artist’s vast corpus as well as his project with the archive of late Spanish photographer and film director José de Val del Omar. This research has been central for the evolving of this commission and was previously presented in the exhibition “Invisible Auto Sacramental: A Sonic Representation from Val del Omar” (Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, October 7, 2020–November 29, 2021) and in the album La distancia entre el barro y la electrónica: siete diferencias valdelomarianas (2020). For both, Niño de Eche collaborated with sound artist, musicologist, and curator Miguel Álvarez-Fernández, who also hosts the podcast episode of TBA21 on st_age. Additionally, the cluster includes references that look into the sounds that fed the performance (the urban waters of the city of Córdoba) and housed it (the Molino de Martos), as well as bibliographic resources related to the history of flamenco. 

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Displaced Histories and Deviant Practices
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16/09 2022
Research Cluster
Cover image: Fernando Sendra | TBA21