Las aguas: un bien común e inapropiable Seba Calfuqueo

In this podcast, sociologist and activist Ximena Cuadra Montoya is accompanied by two of the protagonists of the struggle for the defense and deprivatization of water in Chile: Manuela Royo, lawyer and former constituent of the Chilean Constitutional Convention, who is part of MODATIMA (Movement for the Defense of Water, Protection of the Earth and Respect for the Environment), along with activist Luz María Huenupi, spokeswoman of the Mapuche communities defending the Truful-Truful river, a sacred space to these communities that is endangered by a hydroelectric project in the Melipeuco territory. 

Departing from Mapuche artist Seba Calfuqueo’s performance Ko ta mapungey ka (Water is also territory), at the Centro de Creación Contemporánea de Andalucía C3A in Córdoba on June 3, 2022, the podcast explores the relevance of the most fundamental element to sustain life in a country where water is privately owned as an inheritance of Augusto Pinochet’s Constitution. In the context of the upcoming vote about the Chilean Constitutional Convention on September 4, 2022, we will listen to their experiences and testimonies about the possible changes to come in Chile.

Audio transcript in English HERE.

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02/09 2022
Contributors: Manuela Royo and Luz María Huenupi
Conducted by Ximena Cuadra Montoya

Cover image: Fernando Sendra | TBA21
  • Gender equality
  • Clean water and sanitation
  • Sustainable cities and communities
  • Life on land
  • Peace, justice and strong institutions