Cuerpos de voz Laia Estruch

This conversation between Laia Estruch and Soledad Gutiérrez took place in the Casa Árabe of Córdoba, Spain, on June 5, 2022. The dialogue was part of the event organized by TBA21 under the title ‘Sweet Encounters: Conversation with artists and curators,’ which functioned as an space of discussion and contextualization for the artists that participated on “Pasaje del agua | The Journeying Stream”, a three-day program of performances, meditation, and music curated by Sofia Lemos and Daniela Zyman in the city of Córdoba. 

Touching upon the meanings of kinship with non-human others, as well as the prolific performativity of nature, the conversation centered on Ocells Perduts V67, the performance that Estruch presented on the river banks of the Guadalquivir river as result of an intensive rehearsal practice, in which she unfolded a series of bird songs through bodily articulation. The performance also served as an aerial point of departure to unravel the artist’s trajectory, attending to her main research interests and working practices.

Credit list of the images used in the conversation here.
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22/07 2022
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