MODATIMA (Movement for the Defence of Water, Protection of the Earth and Respect for the Environment) Patricia Domínguez

MODATIMA (Movement for the Defence of Water, Protection of the Earth and Respect for the Environment) is an anti-patriarchal organization founded in 2010 in the province of Petorca in the central Chilean region of Valparaíso. Its goal is to defend the rights of farm labourers, workers and inhabitants of the area who have been affected since the 1990s by the theft and hoarding of water by large-scale agricultural corporations in collusion with politicians. It demands “justice in rivers” against the theft of water and the abuse by the powerful who are currently protected by constitutional warranties and by a legal system that maintains Chile’s water resources in private hands.

Throughout these years the main goal of MODATIMA’s fight has been to denounce abuses and raise awareness about the fight for water in the province of Petorca and Chile as a whole.

Since taking part at the Alternative World Water Forum held in Brasilia in March 2018, we are also members of Red Vida, a network of organizations from all over America that fights for the recovery of waters and the defence of territories.

Mujeres Modatima is the section in charge of organizing and coordinating the female members of the movement in each of the territories where we have a presence. Its work focuses on fostering the construction of a set of principles for their struggle, which foregrounds the gaze of women and their way of understanding socio-environmental conflicts, the recovery of water for territories, the plundering of common goods and the impact all this has on the everyday lives of communities, as well as underscoring the importance of wellbeing.

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Trailblazing into the Unknown
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22/10 2020
Call to Action
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