Audio Rehearsal 1, ‘Ocells Perduts V67’, 2022 Laia Estruch

This sound recording is part of Laia Estruch’s rehearsals for the performance Ocells Perduts V67 (2022). It was recorded in La Isla studio in Barcelona on May 17, 2022, together with sound engineer Pablo Miranda, who also edited and mixed the audio recordings. 

Estruch considers these rehearsals as an integral part of her practice. In this case, they were the result of a process of listening to the different voices and calls of the birds that have a nesting period during springtime in Córdoba. It generated an archive of attempts to reproduce these voices, which were then listened to again and reinterpreted by the artist once more. This process creates a sense of detachment and facilitates the re-archiving of the sounds, ultimately creating a vocal work that the artist considers as a form of behind-closed-doors performance. 

Laia Estruch’s performance Ocells Perduts V67 is an investigative sonic and aural experiment exploring the relationships between the artist’s body, arboreous wetlands, and bird songs. The performance took place on the river banks of the Guadalquivir river in the city of Córdoba, in Southern Spain, on June 5, 2022, as part of “Pasaje del agua | The Journeying Stream”—a three-day program of performances, meditation, music, and conversations convened jointly by TBA21 and TBA21–Academy. A video recording of the performance is available online on TBA21 on st_age.

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22/07 2022
Laia Estruch
Audio Rehearsal 1, Ocells Perduts V67 (2022)
46 min 01 sec
Performance rehearsals audio recording
Audio Recording, Mixing, and Editing Pablo Miranda

Cover image: Fernando Sendra | TBA21

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