‘Antarctica was a queer rave before it got busted by colonial white farts,’ 2020 Himali Singh Soin | David Soin Tappeser

‘Antarctica was a queer rave…’ traces the history of conjecture and how the existence of Antarctica was hypothesized. It recounts, in a non-linear fashion, the Western imagination of the savage underworld, an imagination largely based on projection and fear. It turns this same imagination into a utopian desire: a place not populated by horrific freaks with malformed bodies and exquisite tentacles, but free from the normative conditioning of convention and straightness, free from the grids of the map as it dissolves into mists and fog. The music is analogue and recorded rogue, an acoustic rendering of EDM and 1990s rave beats. By recording single-track, on an acoustic drum set, David Soin Tappeser subverts, emulates, and pays homage to contemporary queer party culture.

These audio soundscapes are pieces from Himali’s recently published almanac, we are opposite like that, available to order here.


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Trailblazing into the Unknown
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10/10 2020
Himali Singh Soin with David Soin Tappeser
Chapter 3: Antarctica was a queer rave before it got busted by colonial white farts, 2020
from the ongoing interdisciplinary work: we are opposite like that, 2017-2022
13 min 59 sec
Commissioned and produced by Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary (TBA21) for st_age
  • Gender equality
  • Climate action
  • Peace, justice and strong institutions