Abregos, Cierzos, Matacabras y Solanos: Tracking the art of the Cabañuelas Asunción Molinos Gordo

In an effort to translate a form of knowledge that has most often escaped the written form—a sensorial and ancestral wisdom hidden in stones, ants, moss, and clouds—this Research Cluster offers a series of materials to help contextualize the zealously guarded meteorological forecasting system of the Cabañuelas, orally passed on from generation to generation for centuries. 

From dictionaries of forgotten Spanish rural terms to old Castilian proverbs alluding to the eternal cyclic nature of weather—currently disrupted by the inevitability of climate change—but also opening up to precedents of distant latitudes and chronologies, such as those of China and Mesopotamia, the art—or science—of the Cabañuelas makes its way to the digital realm. 

This cluster also includes interviews for Spanish television with the protagonist of the piece, Pedro Sanz Moreno—from which we can infer the usual urbanite paternalism toward rural culture—as well as actual predictions for 2021, though only applicable to the Castilian plateau.

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Spaces of Unexpected Learning
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17/05 2021
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