Stef Arreaga

Stef Arreaga Journalist

Stef Arreaga is a journalist, researcher, and audiovisual producer. She was born in the bloodiest period of the war in Guatemala, which lasted almost four decades. She lived in exile during her childhood and was involved from a very young age in political and social issues. She began working as a journalist with issues related to historical memory, mining, extractivism, megaprojects, monocultures, land dispossession, criminalization, and malnutrition, especially in communities that have historically been hit in her country and in other Mesoamerican countries. During the last years, she has managed to combine research with the production of documentaries and art pieces related to human rights, labor rights, feminism, and memory for Guatemalan artists and film directors from Guatemala and abroad.

She is currently writing a book related to the femicide of 41 girls in a State Home in Guatemala City in 2017 and is part of the coordination of a group created following this massacre, which supports the families of the victims and some of its fifteen survivors.

Image credits: Courtesy of Stef Arreaga