Sanidad Rural

Sanidad Rural Partner Institution

“We are a civic organization created in a small village of less than 100 inhabitants, in Castile and León, Spain, who as many others in the Spanish rural areas have lost their doctors due to cutbacks in the Health System; and who have been reclaiming a decent and quality rural health for months. 

We emerged in January 2020, before the pandemic, which has further exacerbated the precariousness of a situation that we were already denouncing for the rural public health of the whole region. 

We came up with the idea of recording short videos that have gone viral because they ironically denounce the situation that became our daily lives without a doctor in the village. Unfortunately, many of these situations happened, while others reflect a sad reality. In any case, for us, humor is a very serious thing. 

Like ours, there are thousands of villages in Spain with the same problem, and which have been slowly depopulating for lack of infrastructure and basic services such as healthcare.”