Mujeres del Agua de MODATIMA 

Mujeres del Agua de MODATIMA  Partner Institution

Mujeres del Agua (water women) began from an updated version of Las Viudas del Agua (the water widows), the first collective action organized by MODATIMA, where they used art to denounce the structural problems of water privatization in Chile.

Mujeres del Agua are a group of women of various ages, with different professions and trades, who convene for the collective visibilization of the deprivation of their land’s water, showing how this problem is growing on a national scale, affecting all communities and their quality of life.

Their thematic proposal allows them to go on a historical journey from the beauty and abundance of yesteryear to today’s increasingly precarious reality of vast over-exploitation and usurpation of the precious element.

“We are water, life, beauty, strength, union, voice, and feeling.”