Katherine Richardson

Katherine Richardson Researcher

Katherine Richardson (born 1954) is a professor in biological oceanography and leader of the Sustainability Science Center at Copenhagen University. She was the vice dean of the Faculty of Science, Copenhagen University (2007-2012) and prorector at the University of Aarhus (2000 – 2007). Her research focuses on how human actitvity affects the overall state of the Earth System (Earth System Science). This includes the importance of biological processes in the ocean for the uptake of CO2 from the atmosphere and how ocean biology, including diversity, contributes to ocean function in the Earth System. KR was Chairman of the Danish Commission on Climate Change Policy that reported in 2010 and presented a roadmap for how Denmark can become independent of fossil fuels by 2050. She is at present a member of the Danish Climate Council and was a member of the 15 person Independent Group of Scientists appointed by Ban Ki Moon to draft the 2019 UN Global Sustainable Development Report.

Image credits: GRØN