David Soin Tappeser

David Soin Tappeser Artist

David Soin Tappeser is a Germany-born, London/New-Delhi-based jazz musician, composer and performance artist. His practice primarily revolves around experimentation and improvisation—more often than not as a means to re-visit, re-invigorate, and re-invent established traditions. His studies and extensive [show more] travels in India, Nepal, Mexico, and beyond, have brought him into contact with a variety of different musical and percussive traditions, leaving an audible impact on his understanding of the drum set. His particularly subtle, melodic approach to the instrument puts strong emphasis on the aesthetic of tone, sound and dynamics. The theoretical and conceptual backbone of Soin Tappeser’s performative and compositional praxis is audibly shaped by notions of internal pulsation, ideas of phase and fragmentation, as well as thoughts concerning the manipulation of time and time-perception through music. Yet, above all, Soin Tappeser considers music a means of unfiltered, personal expression and play—something mysterious and whimsical. https://www.davidsointappeser.com/

Image credits: Courtesy of the artist